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  • Helen

    Lovely pattern, very easy to follow, love my little mouse!

  • ソン ロビン

    I made a very cute bear! Thank you!

  • Agnese

    I love this deer! Here is my result. I had to fit the head to my yarn skipping some row to get a round shape.

  • Kelly

    Great pattern and easy to follow

  • Rei

    Super cute pattern! It was mostly easy to follow, though I got confused with the legs at first. It was my first time making anything other than something round though, so I think I did okay!

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Hi everyone, my name is Anita Suria from Indonesia. Welcome to my shop! I started to learn how to crochet in July 2017. I took a short course and practice to make amigurumi everyday. When I finished a doll, I feel so proud of myself and don't really mind about the flaws that I made. I love all my dolls and I can't stop making amigurumi until now. In 2018, I tried to make my own pattern and here is my shop, Amiguruku.

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